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Exclusive Distributor of Lopifit for the United States, Caribbean and Mexico

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The League of American Bicyclist celebrates May as “Bike Month” and in addition has organized National Bike Safety Month as a way to raise awareness of the benefits of riding your bike, as well as encourage proper bike safety while “Making Biking Better“. Lopifit US supports the League and other non profit initiatives across the
2017 marks 200 years since the invention of the bicycle and Lopifit US’s 2nd year as exclusive American distributors of the electric walking bike. The bicycle is surely one of the most useful, enjoyable and popular inventions in history and has come a very long way with endless styles, product lines and variety of bikes
Give your mother the gift of health and happiness with a Lopifit, electric walking bike! The Lopifit is a low impact, high calorie burn treadmill and bike combined. With an electric assist, the Lopifit reaches speeds of 17 MPH making the Lopifit an excellent mode of transport while working out and having fun enjoying the
Lopifit US celebrates our 2nd year as exclusive Lopifit distributors of the Americas this month and along with the celebration we have received the newest models this week! Lopifit is a treadmill and electric bike combined offering the most unique way of moving – offering transportation, fitness and fun all in one. Lopifit is a treadmill-engaged,