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Exclusive Distributor of Lopifit for the United States, Caribbean and Mexico

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175 Main Street Suite 65
Destin, FL 32540
P: 850-550-9988


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Walking is great for exercise and transportation and the Lopifit allows you to walk but commute much faster, traveling up to 17 MPH! The Lopifit is an electric bike combined with a treadmill, the world’s only electric walking bike. Lopifit US are proud members of the American Heart Association and the Lopifit bike is not
National “Bike Month” for the United States is the month of May with events and rides hosted across the country. Lopifit US’ corporate headquarters are in Destin, located in Northwest Florida with several Lopifit US dealers and riders throughout Florida and quickly spreading across the USA, click here to view our map of the US Lopifit
Lopifit, the electric walking bike is the innovative combination of a treadmill and a bike and quickly grown popular all over the world, now available in the US at TheWalkingBike.com. The Lopifit is a quality e-bike that will last, an investment that is good for you and the environment! Lopifit is a great alternative for
Spring is almost here and the Lopifit is ready to play! Daylight Saving Time, otherwise known as when we “spring ahead,” begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday March 12, 2017. Daylight Saving Time makes better use of the daylight in the evening by moving the clocks ahead one hour during the longer days of late