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Exclusive Distributor of Lopifit for the United States, Caribbean and Mexico

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This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of fitness and fun with a Lopifit! Of course, solo rides are always fun and can be good for self awareness and meditation. But it’s always more enjoyable with someone else riding alongside with you in life and, on a Lopifit. Lopifit US is offering a special Valentine’s promotion
The Lopifit, electric walking bike is a combination of a treadmill and a bike. The Lopifit bike has a range of benefits beyond bringing joy to Lopifit riders! Since Lopifit US started selling bikes, we have received countless reviews and video/photo submissions of amazing testimonies from Lopifit US riders and from public interest regarding this innovative e-bike. Of course, the majority of Lopifit feedback
No More Parking Headaches If you spend more than 10 minutes trying to find a parking spot, you’re doing it wrong. In cities bike parking is rampant and there’s always a place to lock-up your Lopifit just steps from your destination. If you’re looking for covered parking, check with parking garages, many accommodate bikes too.
Many New Year Resolutions include fitness routines, gym memberships and expensive exercise equipment. With good intentions, a lot of us purchase exercise gadgets and machines with plans to utilize daily, weekly, etc… but often they are eventually left to collect dust. The Lopifit is a combination of a treadmill and a bike, bringing your treadmill