Financing Options

è  Step One: Select one of the links on the side bar, Time Payment, One Main Financial, or PayPal Credit.

è  Step Two: Fill out their application to apply for Credit. Once you are approved, make sure you record your application ID. You will use the application id when you return to the site ( and place your order.

è  Step Three: return to website and place the order. This step may vary depending on which financing option you choose.

è  Time Payment: When placing an order for Time Payment Make sure you create a CHECK order and use the following billing information.
Name: Time Payment Corp
Address: 16 New England Executive Park, Suite 200
City State Zip: Burlington, MA 01803
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: B1-877-868-3800

Order Notes: Put your application number in the order notes field of your order.

Shipping: Put your information in the Shipping Name, Address, and phone number.

Finally, ensure you place a check order.

è  PayPal Credit: Simply apply for PayPal credit. IF you get approved, you can return to our site and place the order. If you have any technical difficulties, call 850-550-9988.

è  One Main Financial: To place an order for One Main Financial, use the following information.