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Now Manufactured, Assembled and Imported from the Bicycle Capital of the World…The Netherlands!


Join the eBike Revolution!

Larger, more powerful battery ( 48V 16Ah )
Shimano High Performance Brakes
3 Dynamic Color Choices
6 Stage Full Frame EPD* & PCC* Anti Corrosion Dip and Powder Coat Paint Process
Easy to Read Backlit Control Display
Go Further and Faster for Longer

*Electrophoric Deposition & Phosphate Conversion Coating

Heart Healthy

The fastest way to a healthier heart is low impact, high cardio and high fat & calorie burning exercise. Get all 3 with your very own Lopifit bike.


The Lopifit bike is eco-friendly to both the environment and to your body. Lopifit leaves no carbon footprint and basically eliminates the damaging effects to your body that can be caused by other types of bicycles.

Full Body Motion

Lopifit puts your full body in motion from the very first step. All of your senses come alive while you are gliding down the road with the wind in your hair. All the benefits of walking and riding a bicycle with no impact on your knees, lower back, shoulders and neck...and the best part...no sore rear end!


Lopifit uses high capacity lithium ion batteries that give you up to 50 miles per charge at speeds of up to 20 MPH. This makes Lopift a viable form of local transportation while getting great exercise as well. We have learned from many cultures around the world that fewer people in cars and more people utilizing modes of transportation that do not depend on fossil fuels is more cost-effective for the individual and the public at large. Do your part...hop on your very own Lopifit and help reduce fossil fuel emissions.

The Electric Walking Bike

An innovative and intelligent way of transport

The Lopifit bike is an innovative and a totally new way of moving and exercising. The bike is propelled by a 350W motor by a 48V 20 Ah Lithium-Ion battery which turns the treadmill while you walk. The battery will generate power for a typical rider to get 30 to 50+ miles per charge making the bike a viable form of local commuter transportation.
The electric assist in combination with the adjustable multi-speed gears boosts the riders walking pace to speeds equal to or greater than a regular bike. The rider chooses the gear/speed they want which allows them to reach speeds of 3 to 20 MPH. Lopifit also provides fantastic low physical impact high cardio high-calorie burn exercise while riding down the bike path with the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face.
Step up to a completely new and innovative way of moving. Ride your Lopifit for fun and pleasure, or use it to ride to school, work, the grocery store etc. You win and your community wins with every step you take on your Lopifit.
Make it more personal. Lopifit is available in 4 different colors (Black, Royal Blue, Fire Engine Red and Army Green). Plus you can add a host of accessories to make your bike stand out to be as individual as you are!
Lopifit bikes are manufactured in The Netherlands using only top quality brand name components like Shimano, LG, Bafang and many more. Ride with confidence and comfort as our bikes are backed up with a full 2-year limited warranty.

What people are saying!

"As a competitive cyclist who can no longer ride a bicycle I was feeling very sad until my husband spotted the lopifit and facebook and showed it to me. I knew immediately this was the solution to my problem of missing the wind in my face/hair and watching the beautiful countryside go by. I am LOVING my new ride. I name all of my bikes and this one I have named "Hope" as it has given me a reason to smile and get back out there!"

Lorraine Dean

"The Lopifit bike (pronounced low-pie-fit) is unlike any other bike on the market. Invented in Holland by a man named Bruin Bergmeester, the 110-pound contraption has made its U.S. debut in Destin thanks to resident Steve Drummond."

Destin Log


Paul Slush

"very fast shipping and easy to finish the installation and hit the road ....My wife loves her Lopifit. All we need now are some cool Accessories. When can we expect to see them on the website."


We'll do everything thing we can to ensure you have the best possible experience!