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What is a Lopifit ?

The Worlds First Treadmill Bicycle

the electric walking bike

The Lopifit is an electric treadmill bike with five gears. A very innovative way of transportation which definitively makes saddle pain a thing of the past.

The Lopifit makes it possible to travel much greater distances than what you can accomplish by just walking on foot. With an average walking pace of 3 miles per hour, a speed of up to 20 miles per hour can be achieved. This combination allows you get the exercise you enjoy by walking but also allows you to cover more ground while enjoying your surroundings in less time. Once you step on your Lopifit for the first time you will be hooked. There is an amazing feeling of peaceful relaxation along with a little rush of adrenaline that makes you want to keep riding. A relaxing stroll with the wind in your hair. Walking has never been this much fun!

Battery and gears
The strong battery (960 Wh, LG-cells) together with the Bafang engine (350w) make it possible to travel a distance of up to 50 miles per charge (depending on weather, your own weight, and terrain). With the five gears it can be switched to a speed you feel comfortable with.
Easy operation and very safe
Operating the Lopifit is so simple, anyone can use it! We have riders from 9 to 90 who enjoy their Lopifit each and every day. Simply set the Lopifit for the speed you are comfortable starting on, hold the 'Auto' button to engage the treadmill, step up and simply walk with the treadmill. With the exception of the treadmill component on the Lopifit, Lopift bikes are made with customary bicycle parts. Lopifit is equipped with regular handbrake levers on the handlebars and disc brakes on the wheel assembly to ensure safe, comfortable and smooth stopping power.  
The Lopifit is a Dutch product, built with only high quality parts
'Riding a Lopifit is a lot of fun, give it a try!'

Lopift 360° Bike View

Lopift Component View



Is good for your Health

Cover ≈ 20 miles

Walking 3 Miles per Hour


up to 50 miles per charge


the worlds first walking bike


We'll do everything thing we can to ensure you have the best possible experience!