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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are commonly asked questions and answers about us and our products. If you don’t find your question answered here, then please contact us and we would be glad to answer any questions or concerns.


1. Is it hard to start the Lopifit?
Not at all. You just turn on the battery by pushing the button which you can find on the battery pack. If the display on the handlebar lights up you know you’ve done the job well.

2. How do you stop the Lopifit?
The Lopifit has two handbrakes. The brake on the right stops the wheels and the motor. The brake on the left stops the treadmill.

3. How many gears does the Lopifit have?
The Lopifit has 6 levels of suspension. With the display on the handlebar you can adjust the speed of the treadmill.

4. How does the Lopifit perform in the Hills? Does it work uphill? And do you have to run if the bike goes downhill?
You can use the six gears to go uphill and it’s possible to stop just the treadmill while going down. You’ll be freewheeling down the mountain. Don’t forget to use the brakes!

5. Can you go backwards on the the Lopifit?
Unfortunately you cannot perform a moonwalk with the Lopifit.

6. How does it perform on an open road?
The walking bike has a sturdy and balanced base. If there are little pebbles on the road it will just cruise along like a regular bike.

7.Will the Lopifit be slippery when it gets wet?
No it will not. The rubber of the treadmill has a anti slip structure which prevents you from sliding off the bike.

8. Does my size matter for the Lopifit?
The walking part of the treadmill is 3 feet long. The bike is suited for all people. Children can also use the Lopifit with adult supervision.

9. Is it hard to make turns with the Lopifit?
The Lopifit has a bigger turning circle because of its size. But it doesn’t really make it harder to make turns. Just make sure you have enough space.


10. What kind of warranty do I have?
2 year warranty on all parts but tubes & tires.

11. Can my local repair shop fix the bike if it gets broken?
All the parts on the bike are general parts and are easy to replace. Only the frame and battery are custom made.

12. If I get a flat tire, can I mend it myself, or do I need to get help from a professional?
Repairing a flat wheel is as easy as it is on a normal bike.

Motor / Battery

13. Can I connect other battery packs to the electric motor?
Yes, as long as they have the same specifications/connector.

14. Can I adjust the electric motor, or make it go faster?
No, that is not allowed.

15. What range does the Lopifit have?
Range is approximately 40 miles (depending on a variety of factors). The display has a bar which shows you the status of the battery.

16. Do you have to wear a helmet when riding the Lopifit?
It depends on where you live. Check the rules and regulations governing bicycle and electric bicycle use for your city, county and state. However, we always encourage riders to take every safety precaution available.


17. How fast does it go?
The Lopifit has a 6 speed transmission and can travel at speeds up to 17 mph.

18. Can I assemble other wheels on the Lopifit? To go offroad, for example?

19. What is the minimum and maximum height you can have for the bike?
Minimum: 1.40m / 4,5 foot
Maximum: 2.15m / 7 foot

20. Does it get delivered assembled? Does it come with an English Manual?
It will be delivered 90% pre-assembled. For the last 10% you can use the user manual to assemble the front-wheel and handlebar.

21. Can I take the battery off the bike to charge it?
Yes. Bring the charging cord with you, safely remove the battery from the Lopifit, and simply plug it into any regular outlet to replenish the battery charge.

22. Is there a weight limit for riders ?
Yes. 300 pounds.