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LopifitUS Overview

LopifitUS came into existance due to the efforts of the CEO Steve Drummond.

Read the Story Below:

As Stated in On the Coast Magazine

The Coolest New Way to Zoom Around Town

One of the latest inventions from the Netherlands has made its way to the US and is now being distributed throughout the US, Caribbean Islands and Mexico from right here on the beautiful Emerald Coast by Steve Drummond, who accidently found the product watching YouTube videos. Two years later and Drummond is now the president of Lopifit, the walking bike. The electric walking bike designed by Dutch engineer Bruin Bergmeester features a Dutch design and is trending worldwide with a promo video that has hit millions of views and likes over social media.
Sound interesting yet? It gets better! The Lopifit walking bike boosts your walking speed up to the pace of a bike, so it’s essentially a way to take the treadmill outdoors, enabling you to zoom around at a speed of 15-17 mph with a range of either a minimum 40 miles per charge or to 60 miles per charge.
The bike is incredibly easy and fun to ride! Lopifit walking bike is a viable source of transportation for anyone 16 to 160 years old! Drummond and other investors believe the walking bike is also a great advantage for those who have physical problems and discomfort riding a normal bike. A high cardio and high calorie burn are a sure benefit, too?
An electric quantum motor with a chargeable Samsung Lithium battery drives the walking bike, and the user can easily adjust the speed. The bike components are Shimano, which are top of the line. This coot ride also features LED lighting and a luggage carrier for convenience. Ride in style with your Lopifit by customizing it in one of six diferent colors, royal blue, orange, fire-engine red, silver; white, and black, or add your own special touch by choosing a custom color. All bikes include a full two-year warranty with purchase.
Since Drummond is based In Sandestin, the people of the Emerald Coast are some of the first to see these bikes in the US. There is no better time to try this new method of transportation than during a beautiful summer here in the panhandle with the advantages of flat and level land. So, feel the breeze blow through your hair and ride with ease at high speeds courtesy of the Lopifit walking bike!

On the Coast Magazine

July August Issue 2016 12:51 | Updated 7/18/2016

In the News

A Fox 35 News anchor also had a discussion with Steve Drummond CEO reguarding the Launch of Lopifit US.

May 25th Fox 35 Orlando with Reporter, David Martin interviewing Steve Drummond, President of Lopifit US

actual footage: At Fox 35     updated 9/24/2016